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Problem with my Sigma .40

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by RallyJR, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. RallyJR

    RallyJR Milwaukie, OR Member

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    Took my Sigma shooting last Saturday, and I'm having an issue with it.

    As I was firing it, the steps kinda went like this.

    1. Insert magazine
    2. Release slide
    3. Fire round
    4. Round ejects
    5. Round feeds
    6. Pull trigger, no tension on it...as if the slide was never racked.

    I can re-rack it by hand, and it will fire again...but then the same thing happens.

  2. deadeye

    deadeye Albany,OR. Moderator Staff Member

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    Is this ammo you have used before? Sounds like it isnt quite powerful enough to fully actuate the slide.
  3. RallyJR

    RallyJR Milwaukie, OR Member

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    Well, no I hadn't used it before. Just some I picked up at Sportsmans.

    The boxed brand was Independence, but inside all the rounds just said Blazer on them, so I don't know if its just Blazer reboxed.

    I should've tried the handful of hollowpoints I had there...I'll have to try a different brand next time I'm at the range.
  4. Arkitek

    Arkitek Historic Downtown Roseburg Oregon Member

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    Deadeye...I think you are on the right track ...I bought some Independence ammo on line...from Ammunition to Go...it was cheap/available last year, but its a bunch of light factory reloads in mixed cases...was very disappointed in the bang factor, so I chrono'ed them and they are only moving about 900 to 930 fps...:sleep: that's kinda slow...!
    I did shoot them thru my (test gun) sigma 40 and had a few misfires too...:confused:
    I guess they were a good investment for the brass...good luck RallyJR
  5. elsullo

    elsullo Portland Oregon New Member

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    maybe a limp wrist? Sometimes the obvious answer is close to the mark...................elsullo :paranoid:
  6. jordanvraptor

    jordanvraptor Oregon City, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Any indents on the primers of the round that is fed but not fired? Wondering if maybe the striker is releasing during the feeding cycle. I had a Glock 19 go full auto on me because the shock of the slide feeding then locking would trip the sear as long as the trigger was held back. If the striker is not locking into place or being tripped by the impact of the slide at the rearmost part of the cycle, then it would be riding forward with the slide and may make an indentation on the primer of the round. I dont have a Glock or Sigma striker fired type pistol so I can't check when the striker becomes cocked in the firing cycle but I don't think it takes much slide movement to recock the striker as I used to dry fire this way a lot. The fact that it goes back far enough to extract, eject, and feed the new round makes me think the striker is not locking. I've owned 8 Glocks and a Sigma in the past and it just doesn't sound like weak ammo to me.
  7. python287

    python287 Neskowin,OR Active Member

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    I had a Sigma40 before - 1. Use quality ammo - which doesn't mean Blazer ammo. 2. Don't limp wrist the weapon - that sometimes causes ejection problems.