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    Well I got off Fri. morning 4am headed out with high hopes and allot of ammo hahaha
    My first plan of attack was to stop and try to get that old male that gave me the slip last month after a 2 hour stalk, refresh the story in my July hunt thread.
    I parked in a different location geared up and headed for the top of the dune. got set up, it's still early 8am and there was a little chill in the air perfect.
    let out a blast on the distress rabbit, waited a couple min. let out another, sure enough the old dog starts barking almost the same place he was last month, (now I'm thinking what are the chances that those 2 pups will run by me again like last month, I am in the same place) sure enough off to my left comes a dog trotting to the hill where the old dog is barking, I hit the squeaker and it stops 50 yards out, sorry guy your just to dumb to make it thru the year.

    Wow that was hard to believe almost the same rerun from last month, I've got a good feeling about the rest of the day. off I go to get the rig unloaded and get my gear set up.
    headed out to the next set which was about 1/2 mile on the other side of the dune I was just on, got set up started the power dogg and right away dogs start there serenade in front, behind, and off to my left, wow they're all over the place, but I have learned that most times you hear the serenade there in for the day, rarely have I got one to come in after they meet in the morning and give out there greeting, I wait 15 min. nothing,so I pack up, but I feel good, I know there are 3 Pairs of dogs right in this area for the evening hunt. Off I go to the next set 2 more sets no luck allot of barking but no dogs. I'm going for lunch.
    I load up on burritos and sugar and head out for the ore. 395 junction, have new spots to check and some area I located last month, my first stop is a long drive up to a water tank that leaks and a cattle tank full of water, lots of rabbits and heavy sage this has always produced coyotes, get set up switched to the open cotton tail distress, 4 or 5 min. go by I look to my left I see a little white head starring me down 200 yds, darn, how long has it been watching me, this is a hard shot, I try to coax it in no luck it turns around and trots off, maybe next time my little friend hahaha icon_e_biggrin.gif
    back I go to the pavement next stop is a short drive to the dunes, get set up turn on the power dogg, out of nowhere here comes a dog full run headed for the e-caller, I bark it stops down it drops, maybe another one will be following it, I wait 30 seconds or so here it comes full charge right in the same tracks as its brother, I hit the squeaker it stops and painless gets a double.


    back to the pavement, headed to a favorite spot where I will put an evening stalk on an old female I have tried to get for 2 years. I think I might be able to sneak up on her this year. this is a nice spot heavy sage with pivots on each side last year I killed this females partner and he weighted out at 49 pounds tried ever since to get her but she is very very smart, I get up on the dune and glass the pivot, there she is, I know that black stripe that runs down her back and she has a real dark brown tail, she is in middle of the pivot and has her head down mousing, I can walk down the middle of the trench in the sage and stay concealed almost all the way, off I go it's 4:30 pm. I get to the edge of the sage there is tall grass and sage up next to the fence I crawl to the fence set up and wait it's over 300 yds to the middle of field no shot, I give her one short rabbit distress, her ears pop up she looks over in my direction and ignores me icon_evil.gif I wait, she slowly works her way to my right and heads in my direction I hit the squeaker, she stops and looks like she's ready to run the other direction, now she heads to my right I thinks she's going to make it to the sage, I get up drop my gear and low crawl to my right I get up on my knees and look over the sage she bolts full speed and makes it to the heavy cover, icon_e_sad.gif It's still light I'll go to the other side of the field and set up off I go. it's a 20 min. walk I get set up get my glass put and start looking as I pan the edge of the other side of the field, I get set up start glassing, no way, there she is right where I was sitting 45 min. ago I give up this dog is real smart and I think she knows my smell, it's dark I'm heading in.
    This was a great day 3 kills, let one go, had a great time with the old girl from the pivot, and I still have 4 days to go. Tomorrow will be a good day.
    Next morning up at 4:30 am load up on breakfast burrito ,coffee, and donuts icon_eek.gif temp is 38 degrees and it feels like a good day. all new ground today will hunt nothing but new spots that look like they have coyotes(I look for water tanks, guzzlers,any type of heavy cover with water or irrigated fields around) I hit it hard all day nothing, had dogs barking at me, passed on 3 little pups, all in all I had a good day found some real good spots for next hunt, and it felt good to pass on the 3 little guys, 2 years ago I would have shot them, but for some reason this year I was determined to control myself and and not shoot those little pups that were late comers, they'll still be around next year. icon_e_wink.gif
    day 3 could be a record for me, up early headed south on ore. 395 will start out on some ground I tried last month, get set up on a spot I shot one last month same place almost same time, start the power dogg, right of the bat they start barking up on a hill to my left, darn got busted right out of the gate, they're barking and serenading all around me, but it's early I just got here I'm going to sit for awhile, just as I get ready to get up I look to my right and here's a little guy sitting on it's hind end about 20 feet looking at me, I thought it was going to come down and let me pet it, I get up to get my camera and he trots off,ok maybe mom is close by this little guy should not be out alone, sure enough 200 yds out I see movement, nice dog coming my way, I wait until it gets to my 150 yd mark bark it stops and painless gets another notch.
    ok time to move to the next spot right down the road 1/2 mile small dunes up against a hill, out font is about 2 miles of heavy sage water to my left and rabbits all around. good spot. set the power dogg to my left get up on the dune and turn it on full blast. It only took a couple min. and here comes a dog full run headed for the caller, I hope I can stop it, I hit the squeaker it makes a sharp turn for me and I have to shoot, no way this one is going to stop, down it goes, I turn the caller on again look to my left and there is a small little head looking thru the sage at me, what the heck let's give him a shot, range it at 97 yds hold just to the left of its head and let it rip, nothing, I look for the dog to run can't find it all of a sudden i see a cloud of dust come up out of the safe I figure its down kicking around in the sand, better get down there and check it out, no luck its gone no blood,nothing
    still early I'm headed back to the gravel pit, this spot produces coyotes almost every trip, it's one of those spots that just has that special combination of seclusion, food, water and good cover. It's a 1 way drive up a blm road to a water tank and salt lick. then I hike another mile to small ravine that runs 2 or 3 miles all the way back down to the pavement, I set the ecaller in the bottom on the game trail set up about 50 yds on the side of the hill looking both ways up the ravine and down to the pavement, turn the caller on if there's a dog anywhere in the area it's going to hear the caller. 5 min. go by off to my left comes a dog headed right for the caller, I bark he keeps coming, I hit the squeaker it turns and runs up the hill right at me, no way will I get the scope on him I just point and shoot hoping to at least scare him off me. my lucky day he goes down.
    This is why coyotes can't see me hahaha
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    Awesome write up, would love to get the dog bug but my hearing is so bad...
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    Great story. I noticed you were wearing blue jeans. If they are down low and out of sight, no problem but dogs can see blues & yellows. Reds & browns look gray to them. Obviously you know what you are doing but a dirt or plant color shade of pants might just hide you a smidgen more to let you get that one that saw something blue on the ground that didn't look right.
    Here's a link to some photos that show what I'm talking about. Look especially at the photo of the guy sitting under the shrub.
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    :)since we are the only company making the m2d pattern right now, we do have a pull over scrub camo pant, but anything above 45 degrees it gets left in the truck hahaha. check out our demo and give us a like I'll send you a free camo hat.
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    That's a cool pattern, I like how it changes with the light and environment patterns.
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    Thats cool as bubblegum. I need to get some of that stuff.
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    Very nice versatility! Good product!:)
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    Love my Powrdog and reading your stuff.

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