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Port Angeles - mayor wants the city to remove silhouettes of soldiers on a fence at Veterans Memorial Park


I believe that many people are going more crazy by the day.

They are not just irrational - they are bat s crazy!

The ones who claim that they are the most TOLERANT, RATIONAL and FAIR are just the opposite.

They usually have NO respect for the people who have served their country with honor and bravery.

They have NO respect for our Founding Fathers, people who fought and died in our American Revolution and for our Constitution most of the time.

They think that those 'old dead men and women' and that piece of paper (Freedom!) don't mean jack squat.

Unfortunately we have had and still have many politicians and R/D presidents who said and felt the same way only they used far worse words in describing the Constitution.

Old Lady Cate
Well, take a look at Port Angeles today compared to 40 years ago. It has gone down the toilet. The business's there are all dying, drug use is up to a peak. Not a nice place to live. Most people seem to want to move to Sequim. Port Angeles, what a joke.

This is the type person she is: Port Angeles mayor to resign tribal planner post | Peninsula Daily News

Typical East Coast liberal found their way out to the PNW. Port Angeles is so hard up that they elected her as a mayor! Even the Sierra Club endorses her, what does that say?
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Where's the pissed off emoji? Sick of this. You don't get to cry like a little baby and get your way. Show some damned respect for people who fought to protect your bubblegum. You don't have to agree with them, but at least show respect



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