Pioneer TS SWX310 (shallow subwoofer in enclosure)

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    This 12 inch sub is ready to slap into your truck! Or put it in a car trunk and save a lot of space over other subwoofer options.

    I bought this brand spanking new for my truck, used it for about two weeks and had to sell my truck. Needless to say I kept the sub, and now I have given up my dream that I will be able to get another truck anytime soon, so here it is for sale.

    This sub hammers pretty good, and it will fit behind any single cab truck seat you can throw at it, it's only 9.5 inches deep!

    Anyways, cheapest you can sniff one of thes out for is $140 (go ahead, punch in the details in google and check, I will wait...)

    I will sell this for $120 FIRM. If you want it delivered outside the Portland metro area, I am going to want a little scratch for gas (like 5-10 bucks depending on where you are, nothing crazy), otherwise, I would like to meet in SE PDX for the exchange.

    May be interested in a trade for ammo (357 mag, 44 mag, 22lr, 30-30), but that is it for trades

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