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    I forced myself to watch the PBS documentary OR7-The Journey last night. http://www.or7themovie.com/#!the-film/cnel The program is a slick Oregon Wild production and supported by a host of pro wolf groups. The production website states the purpose of the production: “To document OR7’s incredible journey, and 2: To educate the 80% of the general public which is unaware of the plight of the wolves, by clarifying the myths and misconceptions that surround these magnificent animals.”

    The plight of the wolf is that like the coyote they are now being killed to control their exploding numbers.

    It’s true the wolf is a magnificent animal….that should have been left in Canada and Alaska where there are 60,000 of them. Instead, progressive conservation groups pressured politicians and wildlife agencies to reintroduce the wolf into the lower states where there were sure to be conflicts between ranchers, residents and sportsmen. The original plan called for representative packs of no more than 150 wolves in each of three states, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Instead, the 65 wolf reintroduction has exploded into a population of thousands of wolves that have migrated into other states. Wolf conservation groups went to court to stop management of their numbers. OR7’s migration from north eastern Oregon to California is not an “incredible journey” but an invasion. He now resides with his pack in the middle of ranching country near population centers in Southern Oregon.

    Before the introduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park the elk population was between 17000 and 20,000. By 2013 there were only 3400 remaining. In Idaho the Lolo Unit historically was a premiere elk hunting unit. Today there are not enough elk left to be self sustaining. Three other units are in the same dire situation.

    One deception that the documentary promoted was that wolves take only the sick, crippled and aged elk thus improving the herd. The easiest prey for the wolves is the calves. As the calves are picked off the median age of the herd increases until there is no more breeding stock. When the easy to kill elk are decimated then the wolves go after the mature healthy elk. When the herd is decimated they turn to livestock.

    Another deception promoted by the production was that the livestock depredation is minimal when compared to the national population of cattle and sheep. 7000 cattle kills is significant when taken into account that the wolves presently populate only 3 states in significant numbers.

    It was maddening to listen to a wolf sympathizer verbalize the thrill of watching a wolf pack chase a herd of elk across the snow. That’s another reason the elk herds are declining. The cows are so stressed by the wolves that they abort. Ranchers claim that the wolves are also causing cattle to abort which is a loss they are not compensated for.

    The production was completely biased. No attempt was made to present both sides of the controversy. The Wolf conservation groups are outraged that wolves have been taken off the endangered species list and an attempt to manage their numbers is being made through hunting and trapping. The killing of wolves is a case of be careful of what you wish for. It would not be necessary if the wolves had not been imported in the first place. The pro wolf groups have not done the wolf or the taxpayers any favor.

    I was surprised by the number of pro wolf conservation groups that are listed on the production’s website. I would wager a bet that every member is a Bloomberg loving gun hater.
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    I respect [not exactly the right word, but "like" doesn't work.] wolves and grizzlies.

    However, even a casual search on "canus lupus" and "ursus arctos" reveals that neither species is "endangered" nor "threatened". In fact, they are considered species of "Least Concern". There is no scientific justification for special protections for either species.

    BTW, the special on a female wolf in Yellowstone was exposed to be largely fakery.

    The "Three S's" apply here.
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