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P365 (again)

DeSantis A01VV leather mag pouch for 1911/45 & 10mm.
Hands-on confirmation. Adjustable retention, Very comfortable.
Also tested for Glock 9mm, CZ P01, Sig P365 and similar sizes. I ordered one, tested, then bought a few more.
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I’d agree, Sig makes quality guns, can’t think of a manufacturer that hasn’t had a recall or issue with at least 1 product.
I don’t see how that would excuse sig for having such a high lemon rate these past few years. It just seems like people are trying their darndest to defend Sig despite their actions (evidenced constantly online by people showing what happened to their faulty sigs) simply because their own Sig happened to be okay. Sample sizes of one aren’t good enough IMO. Additionally, those behind the gun counter see some things that buyers don’t. At this point I think it requires active faith and complete disregard for the sheer volume of posted broken sigs out there, including my own video.
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re: Sig & lemon rate
consider my own experience with the dreaded P365: no issues as previously posted over 1+ year regular use;

and of the various Sigs purchased over the last 5 years, only 1 required return to factory for attention, and that was for a defective camo finish issue. Mechanical function remained reliable.

Looking at Roooger models the last 5 years, 4 have required factory service, including 1 was finally replaced as they couldn't repair it after 3 attempts.
My enthusiasm for exposure to further disappointment has been considerably moderated.

My venture this year into new CZ ended with factory replacement. Despite encouraging posts to the contrary, it's difficult to not remain skeptical.

All the Colts I bought over the years, zero factory returns.
All the S&W over the last 20 years, only one needed factory attention.

Singular experience with PT1911 was so dismal the marque is off my list.

Charles Daly P35 clone was repurchased by the dealer I bought it from.

Statistical review suggests which marques perform best for my own needs.:s0153:


Zero rounds through mine. I'm still waiting for the dang Sheriff's dept to clear mine! 14 bd's and counting. :mad:
Picked up a 365xl. I’ve put several hundred rounds through it, several different ammo brands and zero malfunctions. I have to say it it’s probably one of the top three shooters of any pistol I’ve ever owned, and by far the best subcompact gun as far as accuracy and shoot-ability.
How the grip melds to my hand, sold me. Then, I bought the Hogue Hand-All so my daughter could test the difference. She didn't like it.
I like the added swell to the palm, and finger grooves. It's sized perfectly, but since removed. I like the "grip" either way.
Carrying IWB against bare skin, that became irritating. Not from the grip, but where the mag base mates too the grip.
A bit of filing to float things out, it was good to go.
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