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    So I will most likely be going through certification training to get my dpsst armed guard license in the next couple months. I'm curious as to how difficult the firearms test is at the end of the class. I've had conflicting reports as to how close of a grouping you need on the target and at what distance you will be firing from. Has anyone gone through certification in the last few years that could clue me in? If it is a grouping of less than 6 inches at 25 yards, I might just need to get a new pistol and practice at the range before I go in.

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    DPSST PQC-I course, Demonstrated skills test, and written exam.

    Same Qualification used in all DPSST armed training (Police/ Corrections also add the DPSST PQC-II and Dept. quals)

    You will need both the DPSST Private Security Un-Armed "BASIC" training (12.0 hrs), and the Armed "Up-Grade" training (24.0 hrs).

    These courses are in addition to the DPSST license fees you can find more here:

    State of Oregon: Department of Public Safety Standards and Training Private Security

    The Armed Up-Grade covers the training required to get an Oregon CHL (still have to apply/pay Sheriff in county of res.)

    Prior firearms training is not required, but it would not hurt either as long as you understand with every training concept there is a "way"
    you need to learn the DPSST "way" and pass a written open book exam, a demonstrated skills test, and the PQC-I qual.

    Everything should be covered in the Up-Grade training course classwork, demonstrated skills & drills training and the 8.0 hr range training portion.
    (PM me for more info) I hope this helps and remember...

    "Be Safe Out There!"


    "Be Safe Out There!"

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