Opinions on American Reloading Commercial #5 powder?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Ernie Leimkuhler, Oct 30, 2014.

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    I got back into shooting this year after 20 years out of it. I have a 40S&W and a .380ACP to play with and decided to set up a reloading bench. I really had no idea about the current hoarding/shortage on powders until I already had my Lee press and some supplies. I managed to get some SR4756 and Bullseye powders from friends to play with and scored a lottery win at the Lacie Cabellas with 2 lbs of HP-38, but I was worried about long term supplies. I saw the listing on Gunbroker for the American Reloading Commercial #5 powder and got interested. It turns out it is a Spanish powder called MAXAM CSB-5, and the price with shipping was about $27/lb, but you have to buy in 8 lb, 16 lb or 32 lb lots. I got 8 lbs of it 2 weeks ago and have been working up loads based on the limited load data they have. It is a large grey/green flake powder. It is a pretty bulky powder that matches N310 for density. I have a comfortable target load of 5.2 gr behind a 165 gr Rainier Ballistics bullet. I tried using it for my .380 loads, but that bulky powder doesn't work well in my lee loader for charges as small as 3.0 gr. It seems to be a relatively medium speed shotgun powder. My friend wants to try it on 38 special and 357Mag, but there is no published load data yet for those rounds. Anybody have a guess as to starting loads?
    BTW the only powders I have that work well for the .380ACP are Bullseye, HP-38 and SR4756.
    I found 1lb cans of 700X at Pintos and grabbed some to try, but it is even bulkier than the #5 powder.
    I think I can make the 700X work for the 40S&W, but I like the finer powders for for loading ease.
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    Sorry I can't help with more info on the powder...but the good news is that if the 5.2gr load works for you there is enough powder for over 10,000 loads! That should keep you shooting for a few weeks at least. Hope someone has data for you.
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    If you do an internet search for Maxam CSB-5 or ETR-7 you will find some limited data. I'm loading 45 acp with 5.3 grs behind a 200gr swc and shoot a one hole group with it. I'll use the same charge in my 40s&w for a 150gr XTP when I run out of W231.

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