Open Carry March on Washington DC planned for July 4th

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    This is pretty self-explanatory.

    (the link below is to the announcement video)
    Open Carry March on Washington Independence Day 2013 - YouTube

    Adam Kokesh is a well known libertarian activist and OIF Marine veteran, one famous exploit was being brutally arrested for dancing at the Jefferson memorial in protest of a law forbidding dancing at national monuments.

    The Facebook page for this event has 2,101 already registered and 45,000+ invited. Kokesh originally stated that he wanted to achieve 10,000 people on Facebook by June 1st before he would commit, but he has already signaled his intent to conduct the event. On cue, the media has moved in to destroy his character, with the Left wing calling him a dangerous provocateur and the Right wing still figuring out how to respond; capitalism-before-country types are saying this is a bad idea, while libertarians seem to be reporting this even-handily. There's a mixed bag of hilarious character assassination and fear based reporting.

    The Facebook event page is here:

    In any case, it's looking like this event is going to happen regardless of how many people are afraid of it happening. It could fizzle, or it could pop, maybe it will explode. Likely, nothing will happen and the cops will close the bridge (see: Bonus March, 1932, police strategies to keep protestors divided). Before anyone flips out about "provocateurs" and that this is "actually" a movement to destroy gun rights, keep in mind that Americans rallied at their national capitols just a few months ago without any incident of liberal/government plants or major problems. The only thing that tips the scale here is that this is an act of civil disobedience, but historically that's not all that alarming or new to Washington DC.

    Since we're 2 months away, it might be worth asking if a solidarity Open Carry rally in your community would be supported.

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