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One from the vault: Sig P230

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Smiddy, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Smiddy

    Smiddy Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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    I've got a sig p230 in the vault. I looked them up on GB today to see what they are going for. Not a single bid on them. Hmm. So I thought id give a shout out for this not so well known gun. First, they were discontinued in 1996 so you wont find a bunch for sale. They now call it a P232 and they changed a few things. I have a P230 "SL" for stainless. It also comes in blued. The p230 is chambered in 9mm kurtz (.380). It is a very comfortable every day carry gun for IWB carry. It is a steel frame gun, vs most of the new .380 you see on the market made from polymer. Most important, for me, this gun acquires target very quickly and shoots fleas off gnats. Also in 8 years I cant remember a single FTF. Only negative is the euro mag release. Negative for some anyway. I like the euro style mag.

    I paid $400 for mine 8 years back. It was nearly new/slightly used when I bought it. You can still buy these guns for close to that same price today. I think this is a undervalued gun. I certainly wouldn't give mine up for what they sell for today. I think $600-$700 would be more reasonable. So if you see one out there in the 350-450 range and like how it feels in your hand, you cant go wrong with the P230.

    Couple other things to note since Ive done a little more research:
    The SL "stainless" model has a steel frame.
    The blued model has an aluminum alloy frame so it may be lighter weight than my SL.
    They claim the P232 is the same gun, with the addition of the firing pin block safety, different grips and slide serrations are vertical over slanted.

    I dont want to steer a person away from the 232. I just don't have experience with that model. It looks like you can get a 232 with tritium sights. I have seen some of the older 232's have slanted slide serrations like the 230. The later production went to a vertical serration. I prefer the look of the slanted serrations and the P230 grips. It looks like on average the P232 gets more money than the P230.

  2. mortar maggot

    mortar maggot western wa Active Member

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    The wife has one and it is a great gun, they are not small by today's standards but small enough.

    Handling, accuracy, and reliability in the wife's gun has been fantastic.
  3. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner You'll Never Know Well-Known Member

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    Nice write-up, Thanks!! Looks a little like a Walther PPK!
  4. redhippie

    redhippie People's republic of PDX Active Member

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    Nice gun. I have one and really like it. Amazingly accurate and with a natural pointability unlike my other handguns. Love the grip.

    I got lucky and paid $375. Over on SigTalk forum I see them in the $500 ish range a lot.

  5. Smiddy

    Smiddy Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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    Its is definitely Waltherish. But a walther ppk, the reliablity and manufacturing quality is not comparable. Walthers are finicky pieces and the quality of manufacture, finishing, etc is much lower than the sigs. I had mine side by side with my brothers walther PPK this summer. We had nothing but problems with his PPK. Failure to extract/double feed, failure to feed, failure to fully seat, etc. I've had better luck with a Lorcin. I believe his PPK is now in the "sell pile".

    The size; this is no mouse gun. I have me a little mouse gun. They are decent for self defense, but a mouse gun is terrible for the defense of others. The P230 size is great for an everyday IWB carry without sacrificing accuracy. Very comfortable and doesnt print easily. With a good holster you will forget it is there.

    I see two blued versions for sale on GB with $329 "buy it now" so a guy would be into it for $385 with all fees.
  6. brentb636

    brentb636 Holland, mi Active Member

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    I believe you're talking about the modern S&W Walther PPKs versions. I've found them to be less reliable than my FEG PPK clone, an SMC-380. I think the German Walthers are definitely better quality than the ones currently being peddled by S&W. All the classic SIG pistols are mighty well built weapons, but not inexpensive, that's for sure.