Notes on CCI quiet 22lr with S&W MP 15-22

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by RifleEnthusiast, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Just a few notes from trying CCI quiet 22lr ammo in a S&W MP 15-22:
    1. The ammo is quiet...really really quiet, the sound of the bolt is louder than the ammo itself, it almost sounds like an air gun.
    2. The ammo is slow (rated at 710 fps), even at 50 yards, there's a noticeable time between the bullet leaving the barrel and hitting a target.
    3. It's very noticeable that the bullet has very low energy (I know it's physics, but it's noticeable).
    6. For a gun zeroed at 50 yards with federal 1250fps ammo, the bullet drop is about 5".
    7. The bullet does not have enough energy to cock the gun in between rounds, a new round is chambered but the gun is not cocked, hence having to pull the bolt handle back to cock the gun (ejecting the "good" round that was just chambered)
    8. Ammo price is about 3-4x Federal target automatch.
    9. Because of the quietness, it wouldn't really give u the feeling of shooting a "real gun" (if you consider the 22lr to be a real gun :) ).

    Final verdict: If you have a bolt action gun, can afford the extra price and are OK with its low energy, it's a great round, very very quiet, and you can have a ton of fun with it without worrying much about your hearing.
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    you can buy many air rifles in .22 cal that will do over 1000fps. And a Red Ryder BB gun ain't far behind 500fps
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    Most airguns make wild claims to velocity number they can't come close to reaching. If a .22 cal airgun claims 1000 fps it will probably chronograph in the 600 range. Pellets are also much lighter than .22 rimfire bullets.

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