New to revolvers

I just got my first revolver, a smith and wesson 360 (scandium alloy frame and stainless cylinder). I took it to the range and beat myself up pretty good with a box of .38 special and a box of .357 mag. I have also done a lot of dry firing with it at home.

It has developed some nicks in the finish in the following places:
-pretty good amount of wear from where the small ring at the front of the cylinder engages with the frame
-small nick in the frame just behind the cylinder stop from the edge of the cylinder
-small nick in the frame between the cylinder stop and trigger, also from the rear edge of the cylinder
-small nick from where the crane hits the frame
-minor wear around the cylinder from the cylinder stop, and tiny nicks on each side of each locking lug (for lack of better term) on the cylinder. I know the ring is to be expected, but the nicks might be from dry firing too much?

Are these normal and to be expected?
Other than not flicking the cylinder shut, what are good practices in keeping the gun in top condition?

These nicks do not bother me, but i want to take the best care of the gun as i can.
While Scandium is tougher than regular aluminum it is still an aluminum alloy and will wear faster than a steel frame. You might be getting tiny nicks from shaved lead or jacket particles thrown off during firing. Also, if you wear rings, under recoil they can scratch the trigger guard. In as far as beating yourself with .357 Magnum loads, I have the 386 PD model and if you find the right load, it can be kind of fun. Try a lighter grain bullet like the 110gr or try the personal defense loads from Federal as I hear they are loaded a little lighter for reduced recoil. I also would suggest getting some rubber grips that cover the backstrap of the frame. The 360 is small enough where it won't affect concealability or trigger reach very much.
I have circled in red the spots im talking about, i can figure out where all the nicks came from except the one behind the cylinder lock. The cylinder would have had to tilt pretty far down somehow to have caused it. Ive got it sloppy wet right now to help prevent any more unnecessary wear.
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Looks like normal wear to me. All that oil is just going to attract dirt & grime, might make matters worse.
yep.. a lot of oil in the cylinder area is just gonna attract crud. pretty much the only time you need to oil the outside of a revolver is if it's blued steel, for rust prevention- and even then, you're just wiping it down with a lightly oiled rag, not dousing it.


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