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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by mkwerx, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Ruger seems to be kicking some butt and taking names in the value-priced pistol market, and they're continuing to do so. At SHOT show they unveiled a few new items:

    The SR1911 Commander, the SR45 (which most folks figured was coming, but the gun is a tad underwhelming for me personally at just 10 rnds/mag), their LC380 (380 version of the LCP), .22mag version of the LCR, reintroduction of the Ruger Super Redhawks in .480 Ruger, and a bunch of new versions of their bolt guns and semi auto rifles.

    The gun that excites me most with their lineup is the Commander size 1911. I've been lusting for one of the government size 1911's for some time, just haven't found the right now. Now I will have to decide between government, and commander. Tough decision.

    I'm betting that they will be announcing the SR45c either later this year, or for SHOT Show 2014.


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