WTS/WTT OR New Filson Wool Seatle Cruiser size M - Camo/Otter Green

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    I have a lovely, brand new Filson Cruiser jacket that is just a tad too large for me. I am fairly small framed and this would work if I only wore it over lots of layers, should fit a medium to medium plus sized person. I think that Filson makes about the best outerwear you can get, and they are relatively local. One of the guys I work with has had, and still uses, a pack from the 60's - it only looks better as it ages.


    I can return it but, as I already went through my wife's whining about the purchase, figure that I could try and trade it first. This jacket ran about $485 if I remember right (I will have to find the reciept) but I got a deal and only paid around $300 (is it a deal if I still paid way too much? You cant put a price on QUALITY... but apparently Filson has) so I was hoping for trades somewhere around there. I really have no specific intersts, need some AR stuff (NM handguards and tube in A2 style, 458 or 450 barrel, upper in 223 or handgun cal) and optics. I am pretty easy (like your mom!) so make an offer. I would also take $250 (I hate the post office). Also would trade for Filson gear or Duluth packs, and can add or accept cash to make up for any differences.

    Limited time offer, as I only have a month or so to return it. For general market value, going price is about $275 plus shipping on the ebay. Thanks, jr

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