Murse - Maxpedition JUMBO L.E.O. VERSIPACK ( East Vancouver )

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    East Vancouver ( Fishers Landing ) You must come to me.
    $ 30 dollars ( I will throw in the Maxpedition holster for this bag as well )

    I am open to trades. Don't need much though.

    I shoot .40 smith & wesson, I like quality knives that are in good shape.

    Up for sale or trade is a used mens purse. Owned for 18 months, has served a few different roles.

    - Murse

    - Woman's purse

    - Immediate response bag / Grab and go bag for the AR ( Mall Ninja )

    - Carried some survival essentials during my excursions into the woods in the back of the jeep

    I actually like the bag and have used it quite a bit. One thing I did not like about it was how slow access to my firearm was when I was carrying my primary in it. I find a Glock on your hip is a bubblegum ton faster, in just about every circumstance and prefer to carry this way.

    This bag really shined for long road trips.

    Bag is well used. Do not expect a new bag. No damage, just honest use.

    Jumbo LEO Tactical Nylon Shoulder Sling Active Shooter Bag for Law Enforcement Police Officer




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