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Mountain Shadow Arms

Discussion in 'Washington Reviews' started by Northwest Firearms, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Northwest Firearms

    Northwest Firearms Pacific Northwest Site Maintenance

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  2. torpedoman

    torpedoman land of corrupt politicians Member

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    eric is marine master armorer and a pretty nice guy to do business with. While not a real outgoing type he is very knowledgable
  3. Matt45

    Matt45 SE SPOKANE COUNTY New Member

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    There's an understatement.
    His demeanor is seriously offputting and I don't care to fund his entire month's rent on one sale. Let me explain.

    Here's a thought. If a potential customer comes into your empty shop, 30 minutes after you've opened, don't look at him three times without saying anything. Ignore him the first two times he says "Excuse Me". Don't act like he just dropped a turd on your floor when the customer mentions his 18 years of service and that he was an Armorer as well.

    Eric, if you're still in business, get yourself two things. A face with a personality to man the counter, and an accountant who can show you how to sell without tagging items in the price range of "Stratospheric".
  4. ThePhonMan

    ThePhonMan Spokanistan Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    I had a great experience with Eric.

    I took my H&K in to have night sights installed 15 minutes before closing on a Saturday. Eric and I chatted for over 20 minutes before I had to leave to meet my wife.

    He called me a few days later to let me know the gun was ready (sooner than promised). I arrived at the shop (again on a Saturday) and we had another great chat for 20+ minutes. The price was extremely reasonable and I left very happy.

    I will definitely be using Eric’s services again.