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    My home club !
    I may have rated it higher than a visitor would,but I like the place a lot.It's up in the hills,has a view of Mt st. helens,and gets little use during the week....you just unlock the gate,drive in and have fun.
    3 ranges...pistol,50 yard,and 135 yard,with covered shooting areas,a wood stove you can fire up,and deer and elk to watch !..but NOT shoot at. !!!

    members only,I'm not sure of the cost anymore.
    You can shoot clay targets,steel if it isn't bothering anyone..ricochets ya know...and paper of course.
    It's about 25 minutes East of Woodland,Wa..near where Jack's cafe' was before it burned down. :(

    they have a non-members open range day once a month,it's the 2nd Sunday every month. 5 dollar range fee for non-members,bring as many guns as u want,still just 5 bucks.

    I like it because of the freedom;;if you want to shoot your pistol at the 135 yard range,no badge-heavy RO is gonna tell you that you can't.Rapid fire is ok too.Full auto not allowed,sorry.

    the one important rule..after BE CARFEUL..is to ALWAYS have your bullets impact the berm as we do have neighbors.

    here's a couple of shots of the place.


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