Mosin/Nagant M91 w/extras

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    Big 5 buy several years ago, great gun I have hunted with it with failure (no fault of the gun, need to have something to shoot at). I have only put 15 rounds through it.
    Comes with:
    Refinished stock. I did this in a red seal stain to match the original but a shade darker. No reflective coating.

    200 rounds surplus ammo in 20 rnd boxes from aim surplus. I don't remember the grain. Someone suggested it might be silver bear and that sounds right.

    120 rounds Wolf Gold ammo. 150 grain.

    Composite stock. It did not seat straight so I took it off. Looks good, just needs some filing I think.

    9 round buttstock round holder screwed into the stock. Found if I put the sling scew through it it would not slide with recoil.

    Looks great, shoots great, I am just in liquidation mode on my 50 quest.

    FTF only. Not going to get involved with shipping and OOS people. Would be a great package to hide somewhere.

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