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Hello All,

Up for sale today is an interesting 1924 Tula M91 Mosin Nagant Finnish Captured rifle for sale. 99 year old rifle. This is the original first iteration of the Mosin Nagant series of rifles. 1920s era Russian M91 Mosins are rare to encounter(post Russian revolution, low production numbers and societal turmoil.... WW2 happened as well). After the massive losses of Russian gear, guns and personnel in WW1 the Russians had to contend with a brutal civil war in the Russian Revolution of 1917. After that fun adventure the Russian people were able to sit back and relax under the "guidance" of Lenin. A time which, I'm sure, was very chill and not the subject of many documentaries. Production of M91 Mosin rifles was low in the post-WW1 decade and the M91 was phased out by the much more common M91/30 starting in...the 1930s.

This particular rifle was likely acquired by Finnish forces from the invading Russians during the Winter war or the Continuation War. The Finns reworkedrifles they acquired with an eye for fitment and accuracy. Finland never manufactured Mosin Nagant receivers but instead repurposed other manufacturers rifle receivers. This rifle has the Finnish Army "SA" property stamp and marked with a "D" by the Finns(on the barrel) indicating the bore was sized to fit "modern" 7.62x54r ammo. The original bore diameter of M91 era Mosins is slightly smaller. The rear sight has the older sight distance markings in Russian Arshins crossed out on the left side and renumbered to meters on the right side. The barrel and bolt serial numbers match, considered by collectors as "Finn matching". The Finns typically did not bother to re-number any other parts of the rifle when repairing or modifying Mosins. Bore is excellent.
The original Tula factory markings are fully intact and the rifle is still coated in cosmoline under and on the barrel and action. Bluing is excellent and shows enough wear to be correct and not re-blued post WW2. This rifle somehow missed the massive scale post war refurbishment process and remains minimally modified by the Finns beyond the rear sight renumbering and "SA" and "D" markings. Please note there is some visible corrosion on the buttplate from long ago.

Prices for M91 Mosins are a bit all over the place but common M91/30's seem to sell for around $4-500 these days. Finnish M91 Mosins are much rarer and have been reworked by the Finnish military with an eye for accuracy.

$650 cash or $750 trade value.
No shipping.
Any questions? Send a PM.

For interested parties, I do have a couple trades I would consider. I can include ammo or $$ to balance out value.

USGI WW2 M1 Carbine
WW2 GI 1911
WW2 P08 Luger

May consider partial trades for factory 5.56(62gr preferred) or 7.62x39 @ .40/rd but strongly prefer cash.

P1040738 (2).JPG P1040743 (2).JPG IMG_4127 (3).jpg P1040749.JPG P1040750.JPG
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