WTS/WTT WA Mixed head stamp rifle and pistol range brass

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    The brass has been cleaned and polished in a Lyman Turbo 1200 Pro tumbler with walnut media and Lyman Turbo Brite Brass Polish. Each piece of brass has been hand inspected for quality control. All the brass is mixed head stamp.

    4647 pieces of 9mm Luger for 02 cents a piece. $93

    2700 pieces of 40 S&W for 03 cents a piece. $80

    100 pieces of 10 mm Auto yellow and nickle for 12 cents a piece. $12

    65 pieces of Privi Partisan (PPU) and 38 pieces of Sellier and Bellot (S&B) 303 British for 29 cents a piece. $30

    38 pieces of 7.62 NATO/308 WIN for 13 cents a piece. $5

    144 pieces of 357 SIG for 3.5 cents a piece. $5

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