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Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by rockstardrnkr, Jul 22, 2012.

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    I have alot of empty casing and a few live rounds that Id like to sell, Im selling the live ones as cases for re-loading only. I wouldnt suggest firing them.

    I have no idea of the age but I am sure someone could use them.

    23 live 357 rounds,
    102 empty 357 cases, 50 with primers(not sure of age) and 50 w/out

    25 38 S&W cases

    62 38 Special cases

    32 empty 30-30 cases

    26 30-06 cases
    5 live 30-06 rounds

    80 303 british cases

    16 270 cases
    4 live 270 rounds

    a box of shotgun shells (not sure of age, but dont look bad) 12guage, they are live but I dont suggest shooting
    a few misc shells, and a few slugs.

    I may put up some more stuff If I decide I am not going to reload them,

    I also have some old canisters of powder, not sure if it goes bad or not but Id prefer just to get rid of it.
    Ill give the powder away if someone wants it.

    Let me know what you need I dont have a price in mind so for now Ill just say trade for .223, 5.56, or 40 S&W, if you dont have any feel free to make cash offer
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