Minus one criminal gunman in Sunnyside, WA.

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    Lately Sunnyside, WA has been a hot spot for drive-by shootings and criminal stupidity. Fewer than 15,000 people live there (legally).

    May, 1, 2011
    CRIME: Sunnyside gunman shot and killed by police
    Herald staff

    Sunnyside -- A gunman was shot and killed Saturday night in Sunnyside after he fired on officers.

    Sunnyside police officers had stopped a car at 6th and Edison streets in Sunnyside at 8:45 p.m. Saturday after shots had been fired moments before.

    While officers were taking the driver and passengers out of the car and into custody, one of the occupants pulled a handgun and fired at officers, according to police reports.

    The officers fired back, killing the gunman. No officer was hit.

    Washington State Patrol is conducting an investigation at the request of the Sunnyside Police Department.

    The Sunnyside police also were assisted by officers from the Yakima Sheriff’s Office, Granger Police and Grandview Police.

    The officers involved, who have not been named, will be on administrative leave during the investigation.

    The gunman’s identity is expected to be confirmed during an autopsy and then made public.

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    I have been to sunnyside there is not much there lets see you have few gas stations and only what three and motel oh and a wal~mart I'll bet wal~mart had something to do with it ha ha ha

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