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30-30 Winchester
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Marlin 30-30 classic lever action. Less than a hundred rounds through it.
I can hit steel at 150 yds using the Cabelas Lever Action Riflescope, 3-9x40mm with 30-30 reticle. Scope is mounted with

Warne scope base mounts and Leupold QD rings. the scope is calibrated for 160gr ammo, zeroed at 100 yds.
Doc told me not to hunt, so I am letting this beauty go.
She is is great shape, no scratches dents or dings. I'm including a brand new Big Loop Lever (not installed), 50+ rounds of

ammo, in 170gr(Winchester and Remington) and 160gr(Hornady LeveRevolution, my favorite), and a pleather cheek riser.
I hate to give her up but if I can find a hunter or rancher to put her to work I would be very happy.
Willing to consider a trade for near new pistol caliber lever action.... .44 mag or .45 colt
Text ONLY to 801-618-9628. I'm in Yelm, and will meet at an FFL from Auburn to Chehalis. Let's git 'er done!!

marlin for sale-2.png
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I purchased the rifle in 2015, so you tell me. I have no knowledge nor biases one way or the other. I have never seen what you refer to.
I can tell you this rifle is very well made. Fit and finish are first rate. The action is still a bit stiff from not enough use.
There are two stamps on the left side of the barrel, just forward of the receiver. A "B" inscribed inside a triangle, and to the right is a small "AK", i think. There is one stamp on the right side of the barrel just forward of the receiver: "REP" inscribed in an oval followed by the letter "D".
If these marks are detrimental to your opinion of this rifle i really suggest you take a look at it before dismissing it out of hand.
I believe it is a great example of a great brand.
I'd like ve to show it to you.
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My friend have been trying to get me to go hunting with them but only rifle I own is a S&W AR15 I would love to purchase this to be the rifle to hunt with next time I get the offer to go with them . It be cool them thinking im going to show up with a bolt action and out comes a cowboy repeater for my first hunting
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