Marion county License renewal

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    SO about 3 weeks ago I made an appointment for my CHL renewal. I get a packet in the mail I think the next day (it was asking for me to make an appointment so it was sent independent of my making an appointment on line. Then Friday I get a nice Text message reminder of today's appointment.

    I get lucky and work allows me to park the dump truck plenty early to make the court house on time. In fact I got there almost 40 min early. I sat in the Pickup in the shade for a few then changed out of my work shirt and tried to scrape my hair in line. Walked in and went through the metal detector (had to take my boots off PITA) Talked to the nice gals there. Went down to the office apologized for being early the nice gal took my app looked at my drivers license took my old permit and CASH. Said have a seat.

    I figured I would be there until my appointment time. No problem Pickup no has AC waiting area did.

    Then a very attractive young woman and a guy come in she's getting her first permit I doubt she was more then 23-24 if that.

    About the time the young woman and her friend sat down (maybe 5 min after I did) a woman sticks her head in the room and callm my name I follow her into her office I sit in a chair she snaps my picture and hands me a reminder (how to behave) sheet and in about 3 min my CHL. and a Receipt.

    I really don't think I was there more then a total of 15 min including going through security and could have cut that all down by maybe 4 min had I not chatted up the ladies working there.

    SO Marion county pretty easy this time.
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    man, i have to do mine next year in salem. thanks for reminding me!!
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    Similar experience in Washington County. Good folks there, professional and friendly. I just renewed there last summer and it almost went too quick. Lol. Our sheriff's name is Pat Garrett. How awesome is that?

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