Man attacked by deer
Posted: Oct 22, 2010 6:30 PM PDT
Updated: Oct 22, 2010 6:40 PM PDT

UMATILLA, ORG.—A man was attacked by a mule buck deer Thursday near McNary Dam in Oregon.

Oregon State Police say the victim was hiking with his wife when he stopped to take a photograph of the deer. He got too close and the buck gouged his lower legs. He was taken to Shepherds Medical Center.

A Wildlife Biologist says it is mating season for deer, which makes late October and November the worst time to get close.

"During that time buck mule deer become aggressive. That likely played a significant role in the events that occurred yesterday," says Mark Kirsch, Wildlife Biologist.

Kirsch says the area is still safe. Deer won't attack unless they feel threatened. That means stay 30 feet or more away.

"These mule deer are use to seeing people. They are somewhat habituated to people so an aggressive response as apposed to a flight response is going to be more common," says Kirsch.

KNDU is told a hiker has never been attacked near the McNary Dam before.

Now the Oregon State Police and Fish and Wildlife are searching for the buck. Once found, the deer will be euthanized and tested for disease.

Man attacked by deer - KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA |
Several years ago in late October I was fly fishing on the Deschutes around Maupin. That night around 8:00 I was taking a walk outside of the motel where I was staying and didn't notice a herd of deer, one buck and 3-4 does, munching on some apples under a little tree. I stopped and the buck looked up at me and started shaking his antlers and doing the stiff legged walk towards me. I was packing, but I just backed up slowly and he went back to munching apples. Got my blood pumping for a little bit. :s0114:
Later that man got revenge and attacked the deer's mother with his BMW
More shots here, but more graphic
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its funny when people think that wilderness is a is if your a gun toting ,republican.. lol.just kidding. but seriously the wilderness is full of dangers seen and unseen."lets take a picture of that grizzly bear, how cute" give me a break. i guess we need some more MUTUAL OF OMAHAS WILD KINGDOM, to really get peoples attention and see how the wild REALLY is.

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