Got some lead casting/bullet making stuff that I picked up in a package deal with some reloading equipment. I don't have any interest in casting lead bullets so putting this stuff up for sale or trade.

Here's what I have:

- Lyman Big Dipper Casting Furnace
- RCBS Lead Dipper
- Lee Bullet Mold .356dia 102gr
- Lee .356-D3 Sizing Die Kit
- RCBS and Lee Bullet Lube
- Lee Safety Powder Scale
- Lee 3 die set for .380 acp
- Roughly 16lbs in lead ingots
- A few pounds of range scrap lead from fired rounds.

Everything has obviously been used but is in good shape and in perfect working order.

Make me an offer for pieces that you want or $60 bundle deal for the whole caboodle.

If you want to trade, I can always use PMAGS or USGI mags (AR15 or AR10), Rifle Reloading powders Varget, H4350, IMR4451, IMR4350, BLC-2, H335, CFE223 etc, .224 (223 rem) Bullets for reloading, streamlight ProTac HL weapon light, micro red dot or reflex dot etc. Vertical Foregrip for M4gery build... you know... stuff.

Obviously, the trade value is not $60, only the "take it all off my hands" price is $60, so as long as you're being reasonable, let me know what you got for trade.

IMG_4976.JPG IMG_4977.JPG IMG_4978.JPG IMG_4979.JPG IMG_4980.JPG IMG_4981.JPG IMG_4982.JPG IMG_4983.JPG
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