loose blasting ammo

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  1. roadhazzard

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    loose ammo I don't need

    53 rounds 7.62x25 Bulgarian or Polish surplus - 2 rounda are American made defensive hollow points $15

    15 rounds 7.62x54r 9 are non corrosive, 2 are lead tipped hunting ammo + 22 rounds 762x54r blanks comes with WW2 Russian ammopouch $20

    5rounds .30 Carbine $2.00

    7rounds .38 special $2

    100 rounds aguila super colibri .22lr (quiet ammo no gunpowder) $10

    23 rounds 7.62x39 fmj a few are tulammo unsure manufacture of the rest $8

    2 rounds 9mm luger 1fmj 1 hp $1

    4 rounds 9x18mak $2

    .22 & .30 cal bore snakes only used once $5 each

    AK black top handgaurd Arsenal USA made & AK74 style muzzle brake made by Arsenal USA came off Arsenal 762 AK $20

    2 TT33 Tokarev 8rd mags $25

    ftf in se portland will work best for me
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    Wrong area. Should move to Amo section
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