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Discussion in 'Business Discussion & Reviews' started by bearin' arms, Mar 20, 2010.

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    I want to keep my money local and not buy online so I am looking for quality and competitive retailers in the central oregon area especially for ammo but also for firearms themselves.

    Can anyone point me in a direction?

    thanks in advance
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    I do a lot of shopping over here. As far as cheapest - as wacky as it sounds - Fred Meyer in Bend probably has the best prices on common handguns; XD's, Glocks, Rugers. Not the best selection, and finding a clerk who knows how to sell a gun's a problem, but I was surprised by the selection and prices.

    Big R in Redmond has a better gun selection, and they have some really cheap PMC ammo right now; 9mm for $11.50/box, .380 for somewhere around $15.00. Their clerks know what they're doing and they move a lot of product there.

    Outdoor Warehouse (or whatever's it's called now) in Bend has a good selection and market prices on weapons. Ammo selection's hit and miss - seems to be better for rifle than handgun. Prices are fair - I've never seen a great value there but they're usually in line with other stores. Knowledgeable staff and good amount of inventory.

    If you want a cool shop to visit, go to the Nosler store. It feels like you're walking into a country club pro shop. Not a huge inventory but some of the stuff there you'll drool over.

    And I guess the other event to keep in mind are the Oregon Trail Gun Shows held a few times a year at the Deschutes County Fair Grounds. There's always one seller there with a big table that sells a ton of ammo. As well as factory new, they have pretty good reloads at great prices and that's where I buy a lot of my plinking rounds. Many of the sellers aren't based in Central Oregon but they're at least willing to come over the mountain so I have no problem helping them pay for their gas. There are a lot of local guys with garage/home based operations with surprisingly large inventories and other niche guys that do holsters, gunsmithing, Class III dealers, suppressors, etc. Worth a visit to get to know some of the local 'names' in the C.O. gun community.

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