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Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by Kevin Hawke, May 1, 2011.

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    My father just gave me two firearms that belonged to my grandfather. One is a Winchester Model 1897 shotgun, and the other is a .22 rifle (don't know much about it). Neither of them are operable, but have most of the parts still intact. I would like to find a gun store or a private gun restorer who could take a look at the guns, find out what is needed to repair them, and make them operable. I want to limit the cost as much as possible, but I also understand that I will have to pay for the necessary parts and labor. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions of a place to take them to repair them and make them operable? They are in pretty good condition, I'm just not a gun expert, and I want to take them out shooting and eventually pass them on to my children. Thank you for reading!
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    Welcome to the forum. Here's my advice for you.
    1. Unless you personally know someone, stick with a professional gunsmith.
    2. Start out with an inspection/cleaning/get-it-working visit to a gunsmith. A full restoration of your guns will cost many hundreds (and i mean many) of dollars. After they are cleaned, inspected and functioning, then you can decide if you want to go with a full restoration.
    3. I've had multiple good experiences with Rich's Gun Shop in Donald, Or., not cheap but the work is first rate.
    4. If you or your children don't have much experience with guns, I'd recommend some training. The Public Safety Training Center in Clackamas has classes for shooters of every level and a basic gun safety class is pretty inexpensive.

    Good on you for passing on the shooting sports to the next generation.

    Jim Donahue
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