Looking for Night Sights for a C.O.R.E

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by hotSAUCE, Oct 10, 2013.

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    So i picked up a M&P 9 Pro Series CORE.

    In a nutshell, I'm looking to replace the sights to tritium but can't find a company that makes some that are raised. I don't want low profile ones as I want to be able to them in the event an RMR dies (when I get one).
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    Tritium.... Or you could go to:

    Manufacturer of DuraCoat Firearm Finishes:

    And order:

    DGYG DuraGlo Daytime Yellow/Nighttime Green, 1/2 oz. 1 $15.95

    And paint on a glow in the dark paint. I just ordered $200.00 worth of DuraCoat products, after reading a bit on the various styles of gun coating products...

    This product does not need or use "heat cure" read up on the product line...

    I have an SKS to refinish, a Rossi M92, and several dozen magazine followers for a PTR 91
    ... A pistol slide... Etc., Etc.

    So I figured I would get set for the winter time work in my gunsmithing man cave :D


    In the BoonDocks, listening to internet Blue Grass, ahhhh funk down jive with the real know how singers... And then an interlude with a Mandolin, life don't get better than this...

    Might even finish the Violin this winter, the project is only two years old!!!!!
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    They just don't exist and probably won't ever be made considering majority of people who bought COREs put red dots on them, the market isn't there.
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    Another idea, is DIY !!!!

    Really. You can find tritium nights sights for all sorts of systems. Here is the needs:

    1. Measure front sight mounting requirements. Dovetails do very, but within that, are ~some standards~ ...
    2. Do the same for Rear sight mounting.
    3. Determine what is the same, in another brand of guns that have what YOU want in night sights. Or, what might be a Wider Dove Tail base!!!!

    4. Purchase, and File to Fit, if needed.

    For instance, on long barrels, I dislike the old fashioned rear sights, ie: the Winchester Model 94. Just a bump, with out notice, and you are off windage, or hight, or both. I replace those kind of sights, with my favorite standard, the Williams Peep Sight.

    I use a variation of that, On Every Long Barrel I have !!!! But, one needs to fill in that Dove Tail after removing the offending factory sight.

    My favorite Ten22 wears the William Peep, at the very rear of the receiver, adding nigh on a foot more sight radius ( a fisherman's foot measurement, if you please ;) ). The barrel dove tail is filled in. To create a pleasing look, as well as preventing cuts, from the sharp edges of the dovetail... DAMHIK !!!!

    philip... Hope that helps....

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