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Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Repent, Sep 8, 2010.

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    I'm looking for an area to take my son shooting for rats and chucks and such. I'm just beginning my search and would appreciate any help. Can a person shoot on BLM land for such critters? Would we need general hunting licenses? I'm just starting my research into locations and legalities and would appreciate any help from those in the know here.

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    Chris, The short answer is yes you can shoot on BLM land and a general hunting license is all you need. The long answer is that in order to find good rat or chuck shooting you need to knock on doors (ie: private land) or find a person to share their "Honey Hole" with you as it's getting harder to find good places to shoot. You can also bite the bullet and go with one of the guide services around Burns but that will cost around $100 a day. One thing to remember is that sage rat shooting is mostly a spring activity because the little buggers tend not to like hot weather and stay underground when it's hot (or windy, or raining) Chucks are more cooperative but harder to find than rats (smaller habitat). Good Luck! Gary
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    I have to say avoid the guides..... last time i went down sage rat hunting i stayed in a hotel that some of the people who paid guides were in. Granted they were very happy with the service. some were boasting about shooting 40+ in one day....... I didnt have the heart to tell them that i personally shot over 400 that day. and another 400 the day before. I figured they paid enough they should be able to feel great about it.

    Knock on doors. make friends with a farmer. the main problem now is a lot of the farmers have leased the hunting rights out to the guides. so it is getting harder to find a spot.

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