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    I recently bought a STI Spartin III in 9mm. Using Montana Gold 124 gr JHP, I loaded 10 each with 2.9 thru 3.4, grains of 700x according to Hogdons web site. My gun would not even function. Any on have good load data for this powder and bullet weight? I thought it might be the gun, but I shot some of my PD rounds and the gun worked fine. I'd also like good load data for this bullet using Tightgroup
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    Im runing 3.6 to 3.7 gr of 700 x in my rock island double stack 9mm with badman bullets 115 gr lrn. 14 lb recoil spring with two coils cliped and it cycles good but the brass just dribels out the port like it is close to not working. And it smokes so bad you have to stop for the smoke to clear to see your target.
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    My Glock 19 runs fine with 4.4 gr of Titegroup and a 115 gr jacketed bullet, either HP or FMJ. I have loaded up to 4.7 gr with no issues with the Glock. I suspect your STI has a rather stout recoil spring and may need more oomph than it is getting to be reliable. Try IMR's max load for 125 gr bullet, 3.6 gr. If that doesn't work, try 4.1 to 4.4 gr of Titegroup with your bullet.
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