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    Asked a couple times to get a thread started for them in the Oregon reviews action yet so I guess I'll just post here.

    Liberty Safe Outlet LLC
    Liberty Safes of Oregon - Home Page
    3964 Pacific Highway 99E
    Hubbard, OR 97032
    (503) 638-2004

    Went shopping for a new gun safe. Liberty Safe Outlet was the closest Liberty dealer to me. They're in Hubbard, which is near Wilsonville.

    This is a small family-run business. Both Kirk (father) and Laine (son) were very helpful and knowledgeable. Their delivery cost was a lot less than I expected and they were very helpful in getting the safe installed. It was quite a ways from the curb and a narrow squeeze in some spots, but they were real pros.

    Very happy with their service.
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    I agree with the above post.....Started looking at safes sold in Sporting goods stores, than Farm and Ranch stores ( they sell Liberty Safes also ) . We ended up buying from Kirk at Liberty Safes in Hubbard also about 3 years ago. One of the sales pitches is most customes wish they bought a larger safe, This is true and I was glad we bought the largest safe we could aford. Kirk was top notch and I would highly recomend Kirk and Liberity to anyone, anytime.
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    +1 bought mine from them and they did a great job of installing it.

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