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Dear Guns & Patriots reader,

Last week, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., appealed the Contempt of Congress citation he earned for withholding documents subpoenaed by the House Oversight and Reform Committee regarding the Fast and Furious operation.
We also learned last week that at funerals for two of fallen Benghazi heroes President Barack Obama's fixers forced survivors of that Sept. 11, 2012 debacle to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Then, of course, we have had the spectacle of the Obamacare rollout, we were forced to listen to one official after another, who knew nothing and are not sure who really was in-charge.

As long as the Democrats control the Senate, they will continue to stonewall any attempt to get answers about what is really going on in the Obama Administration.

There are 10 vulnerable Democratic seats and no vulnerable Republican seats, so what are the Republican leaders going to do to put the Democrats on the defense and give Republican challengers issues to hit the Democrats on?

Gun rights are the obvious choice. But, there is too much fear and too little understanding of how gun rights are not only a matter of self-defense, collecting, hunting and target competitions--but, also a barometer of how well our other rights are protected.

There are millions of Americans, who do not own guns, who nonetheless support gun rights for symbolic reasons.

Because Republicans refuse to answer the wild and dangerous ideas about guns, it creates the impression that the gun grabbers and spinners of gun panic might be correct.

The simple truth is that armed Americans make the rest of Americans safer. This is not a slogan or a dream. It is real, and if the GOP would campaign on gun rights it will surely take a dent out of the Democrats, six out of 10 means control of the Senate.

Then, with control of the Senate and the House, the real investigations will begin.

Please take the time to investigate this week's roster of Guns & Patriots.


Neil McCabe signature
Neil W. McCabe
Editor, Guns & Patriots
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