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    Ive been in the need for kydex holsters more then ever this year, for flashlights, handcuffs, shot shells, magazines and of course a 1911 with light/laser attachment. Well low and behold that not many makers out there have a holster readily available for a 1911 w/ rail and light attachment, So I gave a good friend and member of the community here (g.i.joe) a rang and told him I needed a drop leg holster that could hold my Kimber TLE/RL II with a surefire x400 laser/light attached. And this is what g.i.joe came up with.
    The molle/pal modular drop leg panel has a kydex stiffener in it, so theres no flop like those 5.11 cotton ones and its a tight package with room for a knife and whatever else you would want to attach. I also had him make me a 2-12 gauge shot shell holder that I could either velcro or tie down to the rails on my shotgun or leash to my belt loop for those JIC moments that life brings at ya. Also he made me a multi-cam nylon holster for my G2 surefire, fits really nice on my warrior belt.

    All I can say is Chris is awesome at what he does, if you need a knife sheath, or holster for any variety of weapon and weapon light, or tactical nylon work just PM him, he's easy to work with and quick on the job as well, after my ISPC match i'll give an update! Thanks again Chris!
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    Thanks for the great review! Im looking forward to your practical application review, that's where the rubber meets the road.

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