Road rage is dumb, but in this day and age. You are far better off continuing to drive around if you are being followed and let the police know that someone is aggressively following you and you fear they have intent to harm you if you stopped your car.

If you give an bubblegum the ability to confront you, they can lie and claim “bad man pulled a gun on me” which it sounds like that is what happened in this incident. Without video evidence, it becomes a he said she said incident and generally the one with the gun will be considered “in the wrong,” that just the way anti-freedom judges and voters see it.

I’ve considered investing in a dash cam exactly for this reason. Video evidence is pretty irrefutable in court.
Have to agree with American123 on the cameras. BUT you need front & back views to CYA for the records in a vehicle. AND pocket/chest cams for out of vehicle. It's a stinking shame life has come to such extremes.


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