WTS OR Khukuris From Himalayan Imports - Awesome Blades - Prices Lowered

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    04/07/19 - Prices lowered again, check below

    03/06/19 - Prices Lowered

    Here are a couple of absolutely Like New, never used for anything, Khukuris. Himalayan Imports is perhaps the Gold Standard for reasonably priced blades of this type. Made in Nepal and crafted to exceptional quality. I encourage you to check out their website for a lot more info: Himalayan Imports / BirGorkha Khukuri (Nepal)

    • The top knife is an 18" (overall) WWII model which lists for $230.00, I'm asking $200.00 <-- Lowered to $180.00 <--Now $160.00
    • The bottom knife is a 16" (overall) Ang Khola which lists for $200, I'm asking $170.00 <-- Lowered to $150.00 <-- Now $130.00
    These things are so heavy-duty you have to handle one to appreciate it. Probably as close to indestructible as a knife can be. The scabbards are thick leather and would be remarkably durable. These are serious workhorses!

    If you've ever wanted a Khukuri, here's your chance for a really good price.



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    Got a great deal from this seller, awesome guy, shipped my tanto same day

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