Just curious if anyone has had first hand experience with those package thieves that are so rampant these days. Any interesting stories/insight?

I haven’t had any issues yet thankfully but I live in a neighborhood where lots of people are home during the day.

I really need to just spend the money for a decent camera system now that they are pretty reasonable.
I've got a Ring flood light cam that over sees my driveway, but I need a cam to see my porch directly too. Many people in my neighborhood have cams since mail theft is such a problem in my city.
I always want to post something like that but:

1. I don’t want it used against me if someone breaks in during the day

and 2. Don’t want to advertise I may have something worth stealing
Agreed, I actually live down a dead end road in a small town. Not many willing to chance getting caught being stupid out here.


'IF' someone were bored... and serious, it's simple. :rolleyes:

Bait your porch with one of these... ($40 gps tracker) - and follow the worker bee back to their hive... :cool:
Or just watch the folks who follow UPS trucks. Lots of conspicuous folks tail them everyday in PDX. Ask any driver.

The problem is that LEO has been given orders to stand down and not focus on 'low-level' crimes any longer and thieves know this.
It emboldens them. There are no longer any consequences for them. THAT'S the problem...


UPS could for a small fee, offer pickup at hte UPS stores. You'd pay a buck to get it there, right?

Their mail boxes are expensive, however, I think near here it was 400 / quarter. That is a lot if you ask me, since Prime delivery is closer to 100/year.


Fortunately I work from home. But some drivers don't even hit the door bell to signal they left a package.
When I recently bought new cell phones for the family, the delivery required a signature.
My folks on the corner of a pretty busy thoroughway here in town and had a problem with a car getting stolen out of the driveway years ago and then sometime later a porch pirate took off with an amazon order of my Mom's. It was an order of cookbooks and not a huge loss but my Mom was pissed about it. Amaazon was cool about sending her out a replacement right away and it was just more of an inconvenience/annoyance factor. Still, it was proof that there are still douche bags in the world. :)


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