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It's just a re-branded TRS-25. Decent red dot for the money.. used to be all the rage 2 years ago before affordable long-life dots like the PA AD-MDS and Holosuns came out.
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I paid about $60 or my plain TRS25, about $10 more for the Leapers 1" riser. Not bad for range, training and technology familiarization, but as soon as I have budget for a real "home defense/combat optic" it's getting moved onto a .22LR "trainer upper."

To be blunt, while it's not a Hartman MH1, I'd rather "go to war" in a Home D emergency with this $100 Leapers than my Bushnell.
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Of course, high price does not automatically equal high quality... never seen one in the wild myself, but the reviews of preproduction samples sound like the Hartman's better than an Elcan Specter that runs twice the price unless you really need magnification. (Until the Extreme Temps problem showed up, I know of a lot of Canadians who regularly ripped the Elcans off their C7s and C8s and plopped on EOTechs or ACOGs bought out of own pockets! At least until Ottawa said "So it's a POS but it's a G.D. CANADIAN POS and you will use it or die trying...")

Not plugging one sight or dissing another, just saying do your due diligence... and beware of anything dependent on tritium, those little radioactive inserts have finite lives and occasionally need to be replaced by the manufacturer at great PITA.

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