Interesting Report on Gun Violence by Youths in 2 Major Cities

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    "Within the timeframe—from 2006 to 2010—70 percent of all shootings in Chicago, or about 7,500 out of over 10,000, are contained within all the co-offending networks. And 89 percent of those shootings are within the largest component."

    Highlights mine - that is an amazing number.

    "violent crews of dozens of 12- to 20-year-olds ... Police say these groups, clustered around a particular block or housing project, are responsible for about 40 percent of the city's shootings, "

    Even this is an amazingly high number.

    "The study's results would suggest that assaulting the gun rights of the broader communities in Chicago, New York City, or the rest of the country is a nonsensical non-solution to gun violence. "

    If you don't like Reason magazine - the Chicago study source is a Yale report Reported in Chicago Magazine. NY report by the AP.
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    Doesn't really matter, what matters is the mindless TV watchers think guns are the reason for the problems.
    What ever it takes to ban guns is what will be used.

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