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    • Just wanted to ease a little of the frustration of friends and members. So up for "trades only" no cash price needed. I just got my first look minutes ago, its like a new wallet it will take some getting used to. Vibrant colors, my 6yr old loves it.....BUT thanks to all who make this forum possible. I sure as hell know I don't have the free-time or tech knowledge to add my own avatar even set up my threads in paragraph form. Thank god for the horizontal line icon.....I am sure it takes quite a bit of time/energy/money. Those are the 3 parts needed in order to define VALUE. Look at you own lives, take those three items, you will have now identified #1 value in your life. THE FOLKS WHO PUT THIS TOGETHER, ITS PRETTY HIGH ON THEIR VALUE LIST. THANKS FOR EVERY OPPORTUNITY. THAT SAID WHERE THE HELL IS MY HORIZONTAL LINE ICON, TO CLOSE YOUR THREADS......CLICK ON THREAD TOOLS.....RIGHT HAND CORNER......CHECK OR UN-CHECK BOX OPEN BOX. THAT WILL OPEN OR CLOSE THREADS TO REPLYS..........I THINK........TRADES WILL INCLUDE HORIZONTAL ICON LOCATION,GENERAL TYPING SKILLS,PHOTO-BUCKET ????????
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