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    NuB question

    Will/can a gunsmith "increase trigger pull?
    Why? I love the 1911, but the light trigger pull makes me a little concerned.
    I know, don't by a 1911, thats NOT my question. Thank You!!
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    Can be accomplished for cheap, by changing out to heavier springs. Heavier sear spring, or adjusting the middle leg of the sear spring in a little. Heavier mainspring. That would sounds like that might make it a little harder to pull. I'm not a gunsmith, but you can try springs yourself, without having to drop it off and pay a smith. I'm sure a gunsmith would do it too.
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    My Kimber was too tight and before I learned what I have, I had "Angie the Sightman" up in Auburn adjust the middle ear from about 3lbs up to 5lbs while my gun was in for night sight install.

    When I had asked if he did trigger work before I told him heavier was the goal, his response was, "not anymore, too many D*mned lawyers out there."

    After laughing at the truthful statement, I then let him know the weight was too light for a carry gun, he gladly agreed to adjust it up for me and did not charge me a thing!

    Angie did the job in about 5 minutes(after taking it apart and reassembling twice)!

    Easy to do now that I know but I would recommend taking it to a smith with the right tools and a trigger weight gauge.

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