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    that many of you guys are. So I'm posting this little poem - it's for all of us who have worn the type of clothing that other misguided people shoot at, and sometimes we all need a little help, wherever that help might come from.

    This little poem was written on a scrap of paper, and was found in a trench after the battle of El Agheila, that took place in Cyrenaica, Libya, in 1942. The fate of the British soldier who wrote it is not known, but I join with all of you in hoping that he made it in the end.

    'Stay with me, G*d. The night is dark,
    The night is cold: My little spark
    Of courage dies. The night is long;
    Be with me, G*d, and make me strong.'
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    Dam...., I put that one right up there with Sgt. McKenzie...

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    King David was a mighty warrior, not just a little shepherd kid who killed a giant. In fact, later in life he and his close knit spec-ops warriors were known as mighty men and it is said that title only came with having been one who killed a giant.

    All that being said, he lamented (Psalms) how his enemies hunted him, how he was fearful, and his only help came from relying on The Lord.
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