Ideas for flake trader here?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The Duck, Jul 15, 2010.

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    I don't want to give a name/screen name here, maybe something happened which lead to this besides him just being a "flake' and in turn I would feel like a jerk...

    So I have an item up for sale or trade here, and will like to trade because it is fun and it also saves both parties money from their pockets. Long story short; The two of us send off about 6-8 e-mails making a deal which we both agree on. We make it to the point of an agreement and on the verge of setting up a time and place to meet. This is when all contact is lost?

    There is no time lost and zero hurt feelings, but it is just strange that he would put in the work (e-mails) to make a deal then completely fall off the map when it is go-time.

    Should this be bad feedback and what is stopping him from going "crazy" feedback on me. This is an concern because the last time I gave bad feedback the other guy went all ape-poop on me!
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    Unfortunately, there is not really much to stop people from leaving retaliatory feedback. But once it's left, you can report it to the moderators.

    There will always be flakes around here. All we can do is report them and make sure other members know they are problems, so they can't do business here and eventually leave of their own accord...

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