She is a commie. And while we should pay attention to what commies are saying we would be better off sending them on a one way trip to the commieland utopia of their choice.

After they have gotten through the incremental gungrabbing and get to the serious stuff the real fun begins.


They can use whatever wording they please. The above picture is the horrifying end result of giving in to their tyrannical B.S.

How long did it take them to go from 'we only want these specific guns, from these specific people', to 'we want them all.'




What seems worrisome to me is that they will all of a sudden realize that these feel good laws are indeed worthless and will stop bothering to pass them. At that point, their new mantra will be that since these laws don't actually work then the only solution left is to eradicate all forms of private gun ownership. Not that this hasn't been their stated goal all along but they will soon double down on it. Currently, there's no chance of that happening. However, if they regain control of both the Presidency, House and Senate, start the countdown.
My god, the people supplying the info and/or writing this stuff are grade-A IDIOTS:
Restricting the speed at which a shooter can fire has also been addressed by states which limit high-capacity magazines, which Brown said is not only helpful in that it will slow down the shooting but also because it provides an opportunity for people to fight back against the attacker.

Brown called the reloading period "one of the more dangerous times for the shooter."
Right, that one second swapping out magazines is so dangerous. Oh, you mean reload the magazine? Right, mass shooters routinely stand there, amongst the carnage, reloading their magazines, one cartridge after another. :rolleyes:
"I die free"

There really are fates worse than death.
Better to fall engaging in armed resistance than survive to see defeat.
The armed may choose between freedom and death. The unarmed choose between servitude and death.
The armed die one at a time. The unarmed die in heaps.
Death is certain. Life is not.

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