HomeDepot: OC reaction from anti-gunners hilarious

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by tiggers97, May 31, 2014.

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    Of course, this will send the anti-gunners into a tizzy fit. But really, how many Xanax popping, box-wine drinking 65+ women shop there? While I'm not a huge "OC all the time, because we can" supporter, I do find it ironic that the anti-gunners are howling about the OC with semi-auto rifles, when Home Depot sells hammers (and other blunt things) that cause more deaths int he US, according to the FBI. ... -giveaway/

    If anyone wants to throw in their support.
  2. Doc In UPlace

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    The definition of irony is an action which produces results which are the opposite of what is intended.
    A recent example of this is carrying rifles into a restaurant, then the restaurant chain bans guns being brought into their establishments forever, meanwhile the news media makes a big deal out of it.
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  3. 2Wheels4Ever

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    Just because the dog has the ability to show its fangs and scare the sheep does not mean that it is in the dogs best interest to do so. Today's sheeple want to live in a fantasy land. Let them embrace that delusion and keep your fangs concealed. More often than not open carrying does more harm than good.
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  4. rick benjamin

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    HD Facebook reminds me of shoveling dry sand!
    What a pig-rodeo!
    When they don't get their way, they revert to
    name calling
    character assination

    There are sheep,
    There are wolves.
    Then, there are a few sheep-dogs.
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  5. Mbeef61

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    Very good analogy.
  6. slimer13

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    Although I OC a handgun fairly often for several reasons (never to make a point or statement) , both in the city and the woods, I don't think that OC of a long gun to make a statement at a business is the best idea by the participants or the business.

    That being said, I fully recognize the rights of others to do all kinds of stupid things as well as the rights of private businesses to allow them or not.

    God bless America
  7. ZA_Survivalist

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    Call those antis what they are, bigots.

    It turns them into foamy mouthed red faced children.. It makes them look crazy.. Its the best kind of bait,
    And record every minute of it
    (let them know of course).

    Now, the primary reason I WOULDN'T OC a rifle in a restaurant is, Im already a big guy and Id just end up bumping into people and knocking things over.. However, I fully support those who chose to do so. But as a business owner I support the right to refuse service.. So personally its a catch 22 for me.. Its a private business and they can do what ever they want.. Especially when it comes to choosing whom they wish to discriminate against and who they don't.. Sadly I do support that freedom.. But playing that game hasn't got us far.. So Ive turned a new leaf...

    The best thing we can do following a "ban" is protest right outside of it, hand out pamphlets, let them
    (the business) and all who enter know that its a form of selective discrimination and a bigoted stance against not only firearm owners but women, minorities and others who wish only to protect themselves and their family (citing the ban on all firearms including those individuals with a CHL), also file a discrimination case.. It by far will aid in our cause.. This is an issue they have yet to bring up..

    You cannot discriminate against, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation and about a million other things which should also include The right to self preservation and our life style that it incorporates.

    It definitely opens folks minds up who never thought of it like that.
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  8. semperfi68to70

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    I went on their Facebook page and posted a thank you and let them know that I ordered over $500 worth the lumber there because of their actions (that is actually true!). I don't OC for my own reasons, but I appreciate Home Depot supporting it.

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