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Home Security/Monitoring Systems?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cbzdel, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. cbzdel

    cbzdel Tacoma, WA Member

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    Whats you thoughts on them?

    I have a meeting with ADT in a couple hours. I got a notice from USAA saying they offer system discounts along with a nice discount on home owners insurance.

    Me and the wife are gone more than we are home so we talked about it and thought it would be nice to give a more secure feeling.

    But then we look at people like our parents how have lived in their homes for 30+ years and never seen the need for one. And then my grandma, been in the same house her WHOLE life, born raise and it was pasted onto her, she have never had one either..
  2. pokerace

    pokerace Newberg Well-Known Member

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    Times have changed!!I have a system I want to make it as tough as possible to get my guns.
  3. EZLivin

    EZLivin SW of PDX Well-Known Member

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    Yes, times have changed. If you can afford one our opinion is they are a good value (both for security and fire protection). Depending upon where you live, and how busy the police are, police response times could be slow though. Over the years our system has gone off a few times (operator error) and the alarm company has always alerted us within a minute or so (in addition to alerting police). Dog(s) are a good thing to have also.
  4. judicator

    judicator McMinnville Active Member

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  5. Starship

    Starship NE Portland Active Member

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    It's like most insurance, a complete waste of money until something happens. Then by gosh it's really cheap to have some.

    Odds are you won't get broken into but if you do then it will deter the criminal, call the cops, and give you peace of mind. Criminals have been quoted that alarm systems and dogs aren't worth the bother when so many other households have neither.

    We have two alarm systems. One is electronic and the other is four-legged. The four-legged one is a 140lb Bullmastiff named ................ Brinks