Holsters for the G20 & G29

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    Looking for recommendation IWB concealment and shoulder for the G29. I'm 5' 10", 170 lbs and fluffy. I.e. neither fat nor slim, but wishing I was slimmer. It's a bonus if it works for the 20. But I normally carry that open in a Serpa.

    My current concealed carry is a Keltec PF9 in a pocket holster. And in the pocket it actually prints more tan my buddy's full size 911 that he carries IWB in the back.

    For IWB I have been looking at Cross Bread and Galco tucks. They look pretty similar to me but the Galco comes at a better price point and looks better made overall. I also came across Tactipac: http://www.tactipac.com/. It'd be interesting to hear if anyone is using these.

    I have really no clue on shoulder holster. I would be using this mostly while fishing, wearing waders. I'm currently using a bastardized Uncle Mikes that holds either the G20 or the PF9. It's comfortable to wear vertically but slow to get to. It's faster to get to horizontally but very "flappy" and bulky. Ideal would be something where you could vary the angle w.o. taking it off based on your desired level of readiness.

    Then there's the question of leather vs nylon. The word has it leather is more comfortable. But it's a couple of times more expensive.

    Also, do mag pouches help? I've never had any. But I'm kind o fwondering if using the mags as counter weights rather than tying down to your belt would be as effective or maybe even better. I'd like to hear the pouches are better of course ;-)

    Any 2...

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