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    So I've been carrying my LC9 in this Kholster holster, that I chose over Crossbreed, because they could deliver in 10 days (and they did) and it was $45 shipped. so about half what the crossbreed equivalent runs delivered and they are out 8 weeks. Kudos to Crossbreed for their success with their excellent product, There are few tougher markets to find success than the one they are in. I thought that if I didn't like the Kholster, it would get me by while I ordered and waited for the Crossbreed. I am thrilled with the product.

    Just for kicks I thought I'd throw the FN in and see how it fit, it is not just kind of a good fit, Serindipity! awesome fit draw, retention and holstering. I find the FN concealable under a Big tee shirt, and very comfortable. LC9 makes a great Deep conceal and BUG, but the FN is a more shootable gun and I would rather have it on me when possible. I will probably order another Kholster for the FN soon.

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