So I ordered 2 Red dots from Palmetto State Armory, after forever and a day they finally arrived. I pull the first out of the box and install the battery, and nothing happens. So I check battery installation direction, all good. Try again to turn the sight on, still nothing. So I grab the second box and install the battery and instantly the sight comes on. So I was delivered one DOA and one that works. I contact PSA wanting to return the DOA and most likely both of them since now I have zero faith these Chinese dots are even worth the $140 each plus shipping. They tell me that I should contact the Mfg and warranty the item. I don't want to keep them or go through the trouble of sending them to Holosun. I just want a refund. You send me a product that is DOA and expect me to deal with the Mfg? Is that even a thing? At the very least I would expect to be able to return the POS and get an exchange. I've ordered plenty online, never received broken or defective items. Is this standard practice and I just have not experienced it before? That is my ticked off tuesday rant. I pondered buying them for a couple days since they were so cheap and MiC, but I went ahead and did it anyway. Purchasing higher quality dots soon.:s0050: :s0161:

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